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Hey pal, does this feel like your life?

▪️ A mind full with the constant chatter of thoughts

▪️ Stuck in rumination, unable to let go of the past

▪️ Replaying situations 100 times in your head

▪️ Only creating worst-case scenarios for the future

▪️ Emotions overwhelming you like waves

▪️ Uncertainty and ambiguity sending you into a panic

▪️ Fixating on one negative thing that you can’t stop thinking about

▪️ Never truly relaxing – something is bound to go wrong right?

▪️ Letting judgement and critical self-talk hold you back

▪️ Second-guessing yourself and living in indecision

▪️ Not being present in the moment or with the people you love

▪️ Struggling to sleep because your mind won’t switch off

If you're putting your hand up and saying YES to any of these,
then this mindfulness kit is for you! 

Hey I'm Tee!

And I only do one thing...

I help to free people from overthinking and built a calm, happy and confident mind that they love!

I use mindfulness and neuroscience to teach you how to have more control over your thoughts and emotions and permanently re-programme your mind so overthinking is no longer your default.

I am so passionate about showing people that they aren't stuck with the mind they have and they don’t need to accept overthinking as their reality.

You can truly transform your mind and your life!