Hi I'm Tahirih

And I only do one thing...

I help to free people from overthinking, anxiety, worry and fear. Together, we built a calm, happy and confident mind that they love!

I use mindfulness and neuroscience to teach you how to have more control over your thoughts and emotions and permanently re-programme your mind so overthinking is no longer your default.

I am so passionate about showing people that they aren't stuck with the mind they have and they don’t need to accept overthinking as their reality.

You can control your thoughts and emotions. 

You can truly transform your mind and your life!  

Let's be honest, overthinking can suuuuuuuck!
Big time.

But it isn't something you need to live with anymore.
Cause here's the truth...

You are not stuck with the mind that you have

Everyone (yep including you) has the power to train their mind, change their patterns
of thinking and be the boss of their brain. 

You can have control over your thoughts and emotions.
You can be positive, optimistic and confident.
You can be at ease and content.  

You can be present in the moment.  

You can have a happy, calm mind.  

You can have mental freedom.  

You can build a mind that you love 

Tell me friend, 

Does your overthinking look a little like this?  

▪️ A mind full with the constant chatter of anxious thoughts

▪️ Worry, worry, worry - should I say it again?

▪️ Getting stuck in rumination, unable to let go of the past

▪️ Replaying situations 100 times in your head

▪️ Feeling fearful about the future and what could go wrong

▪️ Always creating worst-case scenarios

▪️ Uncertainty and ambiguity sending you into a panic

▪️ Emotions overwhelming you like waves

▪️ Fixating on one negative thing you can’t stop thinking about

▪️ Never truly relaxing – something is bound to go wrong right?

▪️ Letting judgement and critical self-talk hold you back

▪️ Second-guessing yourself and living in indecision

▪️ Not being present in the moment or with the people you love

▪️ Struggling to sleep because your mind won’t switch off

Ugh, all of that is just a bit shit

And it's holding you back from the life you deserve...

But it doesn't have to anymore!

I can show you how to say seeyabyyyyyeee to your anxious overthinking and hello to a calm, happy and confident mind that you're in control of!

This is possible for you!

In 2020, I had the burning desire to show people how possible this was.

 To free them from overthinking, anxiety, stress, worry and fear.
I wanted to help them transform their minds because I knew it would transform their lives.

At the core of it, I just wanted people to be happy, to have a healthy mind, to experience the world for the amazing place that it is and to reach their full potential.

But yo, I had no idea how to share the all the life-changing stuff that was inside me! I had eight years of knowledge, experiences and practices but no way to teach it!

So I got to work and created...

This is it.
This is the thing!

Stop Overthinking It is a mind and life changing programme
where I've channelled all my knowledge and experience into 12-weeks of teaching, coaching and community. ⁠

Together, we completely reprogramme your mind.

You say byyyyeee 👋 to overthinking, worry, stress and anxiety. ⁠
And you create a mind you love ❤️

One that's calm, happy, confident, content and in control. ⁠

No more living in your head,
worrying about the future,
creating worst-case scenarios,
ruminating in the past
or running conversations over in your head 1000x.⁠

No more worrying what other people think of you and
whether you're good enough. ⁠

You live more in the present and train your brain to think positively, kindly and see the world as a place of opportunities. ⁠

We take you from mind full to mindful.

Plus make you a meditation badass!

How much would your life change if you had control over your thoughts and emotions and had a mind that worked FOR you?

Stop Ovethinking It is closed for enrollment right now.
But you can still check out what's in it here 👇

"I’d always been an ‘anxious person’ ever since I was child and that had become my identity.
Every decision would take hours of overthinking, I would always be ever so slightly on edge and it was exhausting - I never had the energy to do anything for me.

After working with Tee for 3 months, I no longer believe that I am an anxious person! I still get anxious, of course, but it’s no longer a daily struggle which leaves me exhausted and frustrated.

As a result I now feel so excited for the future rather than scared of all the bad things that might happen and what could go wrong. For the first time ever, I’ve sat down and enjoyed setting myself goals for the year without overthinking every detail and worrying if I can achieve them."
Mia - Stop Overthinking It 2020

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